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Kimurawear Samurai Board Shorts

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Kimurawear's Warrior Series, resurrects different fighters from ages past, such as the Samurai. The Samurai were highly trained warriors who served a clan or a lord in Japan. These board shorts have taken its inspiration from these warriors and has been designed to offer an extremely wide range of motion for kicking techniques. Follow the Bushido code and find your warrior spirit with Kimurawears Samurai board shorts.


• Constructed with an ultra light spandex blend material, that increases the shorts flexibility and ability to stretch.
• Graphics on the shorts use sublimated printing which effuses the logo with the shorts material and will never peel or crack..
• Triple stitching and reinforced seams throughout the entire short.
• Added layer of stretch flex panels in the inseam of each leg and across the outside panels, for added range of motion.
• Adjustable Velcro waistband with internal hook & loop drawstring provides a secure and comfortable fit.
• Color:Grey/Black.

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