Fuji Single Weave Judogi

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A versatile single-weave uniform. FUJI has been a proven performer for over 50 years. This is the original long lasting, legendary dogi updated for current standards that outlasts, out-performs and is priced competitively for all club members to afford. The tradition of using the world's finest cotton and nearly invincible stitching has endured over the years, making this the top seller in North America.

  • Made from soft bleached 100% cotton for years of comfortable and durable wear
  • Ideal for all grappling arts, from jiu jitsu to aikido to judo
  • Invincible stitching at stress points allow for years of training
  • Extra knee padded pants and gusset allow for durability and greater mobility
  • Includes white belt

Note about pants: under size 0 have elastic waistbands while above size 1 have drawstring waistbands.