Aspire Agari Shinguards

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Rise and ascend with Kimurawears latest ASPIRE™ AGARI Series Shin Guards. Our latest Aspire series has been remodelled for optimized performance and will take your training to the next level. These durable shin guards are fitted with a high impact preformed foam complex for ultra shock absorption. If your ready to take things up a notch then grab a  Kimurawear® AGARI Series Shin Guards.


    • Perfectly curved molded fit allowing for maximum comfort & protection.
    • Neoprene lining throughout the backing and straps allow for the perfect fit.
    • Two hook and loop velcro straps on the back.


Size Shin Length Foot Length
M 13.5" 5"
L 14.5" 5.5"
XL 15" 6"