HiT Hybrid "Splash" MMA Gloves

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"Hybrid HiT Splash" ™ gloves are gloves specially designed for training with MMA. It's a hybrid between an MMA combat gloves and a boxing glove, providing the best of both. The unique 5cm thick padding provides adequate protection for the opponent and avoids the risk of cuts during face strikes, while allowing you to grip freely to perform grappling techniques.

Made with high-end leather specifically designed to last, these gloves are comfortable, and its double-turn strap effectively holds the wrist. This glove is the official glove of the amateur fights of the organization HFC (Hard Fighting Championship)

- "Hybrid HiT H2" gloves
- Real leather
- 6oz (5cm thick on the striking surface)
- Two-turn and double velcro strap
- Official glove of the HFC (Amateur and Pro MMA European League)