Aspire Series Kaizen Open Face Head Gear

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The Japanese word KAIZEN translates into "Continual Improvement" which coincides our core values at Kimurawear.  Our ASPIRE™ KAIZEN Open Face Head Gear will take the training of MMA, Boixng, Muay Thai, and Fitness enthusiast to the next level. Made of engineered leather, these durable gloves are built to last during your fitness and or matial arts journey. If your ready to take things up a notch then grab a  Kimurawear® ASPIRE™ KAIZEN Open Face Head Gear


• Made of engineered leather, with reinforced seams for durability.
    • Fitted with a high impact preformed foam complex for ultra shock absorption.
    • Lined with a state of the art “Microfiber Suede ”, and a Cool-Max rated foam that wicks away sweat.
    • 3-Way adjustment velcro on the back of the headgear, with adjustable rear head pad, for the "perfect fit".
    • Reinforced external ear hole cover, allows ventilation while providing maximum protection.