Pro Series Punching Mitts

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Kimurawear's Pro Series Punching Mitts, are a high quality product that are built to last. These Mitts are made of premium leather and have been implemented with the latest Kimurawear technologies. Our Punching Mitts are used by trainers in a variety of combat sports and not just boxing.


• Made of premium leather with reinforced seams for durability..
• Wedge padding supports wrist and forearm.
• Preformed curved design assists in the handling in catching strikes
• Palm dome cushion for a better grip and vibration absorption.
• Fully ventilated design keeps hands cool during extended training sessions.
• Measures 9" x 7"
• Sold as pair.


• Proactive™ Tech, top layer foam helps the focus pads redirect the impact and protects the pad holders joints and shoulders.