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Odor-Aid Deodorizing Disc

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The Odor Aid Deodorizing Disc is a revolutionary new product, developed to aid in the fight against Odors. The durable disc contains a fresh scent that keeps odors from becoming overwhelming. Great for use in Sports Bags, Lockers, Cars, Bathrooms or anywhere unpleasant odor is a problem.

  • Multi-purpose deodorizer for use in Sports Bags, Auto, Household or Locker
  • Rotate disc to keep equipment smelling fresh
  • Comes with 2-way tape for easy mounting
  • For optimal results, use with Odor Aid Disinfecting Spray
  • Replace every 12 weeks


  • Pink = Sport Extreme Scent*
  • Silver = Original Fresh Scent
  • Gold = Classic Sport Scent

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