Toraki BJJ Academy Gi

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Just getting started in BJJ? Or looking for a competition kimono that is "light" yet durable, so you can make competition weight easier.

Great for club and also for tournament use (if you like light!).A uni-body jacket that is reinforced in all crucial areas of wear combined with a shorter length and BJJ style sleeves, make for an unbeatable BJJ combination. Green and Yellow shoulder epaulets are sewn onto each uniform as a salute to Brazil. We even include the white belt!

Kids sizes (BJJ-100 to BJJ-140 inclusive) come with elasticized pants for ease of tying.

Please be advised that our gis are designed with shrinkage allowance. The new gi will be big before shrinkage. Please wash/air dry the new gi as follows (BEFORE use in tournament/practice):

a) WASH in HOT WATER (with a little detergent)

b) AIR DRY (no machine dry. Please DO NOT put the gi in the dryer as it will result in excessive shrinkage and will therefore not fit properly);

c) Allow the gi to dry completely before starting another cycle.

REPEAT above 3 steps at least 3-4 cycles.